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Gender (not so) Reveal

We pulled together most of our family and friends this past weekend to celebrate the pregnancy and our journey into parenthood! The party was supposed to be our gender reveal but as fate would have it, I looked at the gender test results as soon as they came in and […]

Gift Giving
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Show Your Gratitude

Being the host maybe our preferred title but it’s just as fun when you get to be someone’s guest. Our mama’s raised us to never come empty handed to any gathering, and to always thank your host for taking the time and making the effort! It’s absolutely something we have […]

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First Trimester & Morning Sickness

I have to say, the first trimester can be a rollercoaster! I’ve heard of so many women that have absolutely no trouble and feel great during those first 3 months but I’ve noticed more Mommas lately saying that they vomited their ENTIRE way through the first trimester. I fall into […]

30th Birthday
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Host Like a Pro!

Hosting friends and family may be our favorite hobby, but we will say, it can be overwhelming and costly when you do it so often. Here are some tips to keep your bank account happy and also WOW your guests while looking like the effortless host juggling it all! Our […]

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Healthy Made Easy – 30 Minute Salmon Bowl

Getting out of the holiday eating habits is hard and temptations are everywhere!! (damn you lingering holiday cookies) When you’re juggling a million tasks the last thing you want to do is think about healthy food and cooking. Fret no longer ladies, we got you!! This 30 minute dinner saver […]

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Fall Fashion Faves

So, we shop together…like ALL THE TIME. Shopping alone is fun, but shopping with your best friend is MAGIC! We are ALL ABOUT finding great deals on seasonal fashion items. The reason being…we are OBSESSED with shopping (I know, I know, that’s a major confession…don’t tell our husbands) but when […]

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Rosemary Beach, 30A

If you know us well, you know that we vacation together (with our husbands) in Rosemary Beach at least once a year (usually twice)! Rosemary is the perfect vacation destination for us. It’s a gorgeous, idyllic town at the end of 30A that looks like a fishing town on the […]