Where do we begin?!? It’s always a little awkward to tell a story about yourself….but, here we go… 🙂

We are two best friends, brought together by event planning and held together by our passion for event planning (among MANY other likenesses). I know, it sounds cheesy, so let us explain.

We met at work as event planners in the hospitality industry – weddings, birthday parties, retirement parties, corporate events, etc. We both have a serious obsession with events and it carries over into our personal lives – we literally thrive off of one another’s drive to make every day and every occasion pretty and special. Every vacation, going-away party, birthday gathering…..(the list goes on) has a plan, a theme, special napkins and is full of creativity. AND WE LOVE IT! Any two people that share the same (OCD) obsession for the same thing, belong together. Our husbands always joke that we’re actually the spouses in our framily. (It’s funny, but kind of true.) But in all seriousness, events bring family and friends together where we make special memories that we’ll cherish forever so why not make each and every occasion special? You only live once!

I’m sure you’re curious about our name…More Sundays Less Mondays … it all stems from one simple fact…Sundays are the best day of the week. Sundays are for brunch, afternoon parties, rose’ all day, maybe some shopping, cleaning your home, doing laundry, cooking and planning the rest of the week. We realize this sounds like a list of chores, but they are the key to a successful, productive and pretty week. Please note, “pretty”…it’s important that life is pretty, too!  And that’s what you’ll find we share. Our friends are always asking how did you make that dish or where did you buy that top or how do you style your house so well. So here it is folks, we’re writing it down, taking pictures of every occasion and sharing with our girls! We hope you’ll follow along! 

XOXO, Mandy and Nisha