Fall Fashion Faves

So, we shop together…like ALL THE TIME. Shopping alone is fun, but shopping with your best friend is MAGIC!

We are ALL ABOUT finding great deals on seasonal fashion items. The reason being…we are OBSESSED with shopping (I know, I know, that’s a major confession…don’t tell our husbands) but when you put yourself in a retail environment as much as we do, you have to find good deals.

We have been really surprised lately to see that most of our favorite bloggers also shop at the SAME places that we do! Here’s where the (fashion) magic happens people: Target and Old Navy. Let’s be clear…we’re talking about seasonal items, not statement pieces that you’ll wear for years and years. Today, we’re talking about clothes that are trendy this year and you’ll wear for this season and that’s it.

Here are 4 seasonal staples that you NEED TO HAVE in your closet this fall:

1. Poncho: a soft, classic poncho will add a nice flare to any outfit! We pair an open poncho with a date dress or you can put it over a long sleeve t-shirt for your everyday outfit! This is one of our faves this season from Target. It’s from the A New Day line which has had the cutest stuff since it launched! Follow that brand!

Poncho from Target

2. Cardigan: Similar to the poncho, a cardigan is another great layering piece. You can wear it over one of those tanks that you wore all summer! From the same line at Target, A New Day, we found this stunner. It’s called the Textured Open Layering Cardigan in Gray/Cream.

Textured Open Layering Cardigan in Gray/Cream from Target

3. Distressed & Frayed Jeans (or Jeggings, haha): For all of our Georgia girls, we don’t wear jeans in the fall for warmth (because it’s 79 degrees until December) so why not wear super cute distressed jeans? And if these super cute jeans happen to be leggings, THAT’S A WIN! Also, we’re in LOVE with the fray at the bottom. Look, these pretties are only $39.99 and are expected to go on sale soon!

Distressed Rockstar Jeggings in Black from Old Navy

4. Booties: Look, since we’re all friends here I have to be honest. Shoes, to me, are something that can easily look cheap. I tend to splurge on booties at Nordstrom because I know I’ll love them and wear them year after year. But THESE booties from Target did not disappoint! Look at them! And they’re more than 50% less expensive than the Vince Camuto ones at Nordstrom!

Booties from Target

So this Sunday, grab your best girlfriend and head to the nearest Old Navy and Target! You’re going to have a BLAST!

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