Gender (not so) Reveal

We pulled together most of our family and friends this past weekend to celebrate the pregnancy and our journey into parenthood! The party was supposed to be our gender reveal but as fate would have it, I looked at the gender test results as soon as they came in and told the whole world! Well, almost the whole world. That was not really the way we had planned but I’m not one for surprises.

So the next question was, “Do we really have to cancel our gender reveal party?” And we answered with a quick, “NO! Let’s have a party!”

As we planned the party it really got me thinking, though, that as new parents it’s so exciting to talk about the new chapter and speculate how the little peanut will look and what your new life is going to be like. We didn’t need a gender reveal party to get everyone together! So we “announced” that it’s a girl, served a delicious brunch buffet, offered champagne and brews and insisted that guests did not bring gifts! We just asked that everyone bring their best parenting advice. And they did! It was a roaring success and left David and I filled with so much love and gratitude for the community that we have built around us. Joie (Josephine Diane Hall) is one lucky peanut!

Also, in true More Sundays style, you really don’t need any excuse to throw a party and celebrate in style!


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