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Today is the Day!

2017 is here and its time to set ourselves up for success!! I’m not here to tell you a secret plan that works, but i do know what has made a difference in my life and maybe these steps can help you stay on track. We all know goals aren’t achieved over night( i wish!!). I find that having a clear and achievable plan in place can help you not get discouraged and keep you motivated.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. MAKE A PLAN AND SET AN AGENDA: get a planner, calendar, notebook, whatever you think will help you organize your thoughts. I could never have enough calendars!! So many designs and their so affordable! Target has some great options designed by Sugar Paper.
  2. DON’T GET DISTRACTED: in the past i have spent hours online, looking at all these tricks people have used to get organized and all have failed to keep me moving forward. Know what works for you and your work life… don’t over achieve by adding too much to your list, just take things one task at a time. The feeling of accomplishing many little things is way better than failing at a giant unrealistic plan.
  3. JUST START: There is no time like NOW!! I used to often get stuck trying to figure out where to begin. Stick to your plan and make sure those tasks are done on the days your planned to finish them. If you don’t finish those tasks, DON’T start the next items till the last one is complete.

We got this ladies, it’s only going to work one day at a time. Take 2017 and make it yours!!!

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