Green Therapy

Now that all the holiday decor is stored away, its time to freshen up the space. My favorite way to brighten up the house is to add some green!

There are so many house plants to choose from these days and you don’t need a green thumb to keep them alive. Our favorite plant in the house would be our fiddle leaf fig trees. They don’t take a lot of maintenance and can work in any room.  I usually plant them in different baskets and not your normal planters, which gives the room a softer feel, and not to mention how zen your decor will be when having live plants around. wooosahhhh 

Don’t worry about being on a budget, our trees came from Pike’s Nursery and only cost $40. The baskets range from $20-$30 from HomeGoods (aka my Disneyland)

There are only a few tips to keep these trees alive: (and trust me if I can do it, anyone can!)

  1. Watering the tree will depend on the size of your plant. Use your finger to test the soil and see if its dry. I water mine once or twice a week also depending on the season.
  2. Keep your fiddle leaf fig in bright, indirect light. You want it to have a lot of light, but not sitting right in the sun. We have ours placed in the living room near the windows.
  3. The maintenance of the leaves is the most important. They absorb lots of its light from them and since they are so large, they tend to get dusty and dull. I wipe the leaves with a damp towel and then rub the leaves with Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Oil. They keep the leaves hydrated, looking vibrant, and smells LOVELY!

The trees tend to grow extremely tall, so you may need to change the basket and replant them, but we aren’t at that stage yet with ours… but i’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

Hope your try to get some green in your life, trust me it wont disappoint!

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