Summer Classics

Summer Staples

If you live in the south, you know we have three seasons… fall, winter and straight to SUMMER. There is no such thing as spring in Georgia. I think the only spring thing we have is pollen… no thanks!

The good thing is I’m a summer girl!! Being born in July, I would live in hot weather year round if I could. I would take a pair of shorts, tank top and flip flops any day!

Don’t get me wrong though, there are too many cute summer pieces, I can’t resist buying them all!  I think my closet doubles in size this time of year… which my husband loves so much. Here are just a few summer staples I always keep in my closet.

White Jeans: Getting the perfect white jeans can be hard… they have to be the right fit or they become unflattering immediately. I like a more fitted jean, but don’t make the mistake of going too tight.  No matter how muscular your legs are, white jeans don’t shape your silhouette as well as black or blue jeans do.

I think the best selections come form Old Navy or Banana Republic. They have every style, cut and fit every body type. The sculpt denim from Banana Republic shape your legs great and are such a soft denim. Old Navy has the Rockstar brand that are fringed at the bottom and frayed, which are a great casual option.

Summer Shoes:  I usually live in my flip flops all summer, but everyone needs a great active shoe. I have tried a bunch of brands, but Nike can’t be beat. These were a surprise gift from the hubby and I LOVEEE THEM! They are called the Nike Metcons which are super lightweight and mesh on the top which keep my feet cool.


Nike has so many designs, styles and specifically made for the type of activity you are doing. Nike can be pretty pricy and we can’t just have ONE sneaker … right?! I got these from Target for $35 and they are super comfy as well.  Target has up’d their game in the sneaker selections. Target Sneaker

These are heavily padded on the inside which make it feel like you’re walking on pillows. Oh and did I mention they are rose colored… SOLD!!

Lastly, there are always some outings that you don’t really want to wear a sneaker to, but flip flops aren’t the option. These slip ons are great for traveling, outdoor concerts, or just running errands. A bunch of brands are making these but I got mine from Target in the black faux leather and faux rose suede.

Slip on Sneakers

Off the Shoulder Tops:  A few years back these came back into style and I felt like half my closet became off the shoulder tops. I think it’s because these tops are the perfect amount of sexy and casual.

off the shoulder top

They are my go-to for date night. I have them in every color and pattern and I find them everywhere. These are from J.Crew, Target, and Forever21 and were all under $20.

Tailored Shorts: Everyone has their preferences on denim shorts, but a good tailored short is a must. They can be dressed up or down and for us older ladies, we can’t always rock the cut off shorts while feeling like an adult haha.

All these are from Banana Republic and were 50% off!! They are the perfect length and don’t ride up when your sitting down. The material also has a little stretch in it which is great for those long summer days.

Chambray Shirt:  Chambray is the symbol of summer!  I pair mine with a black pencil skirt for work, use it as a lighter jacket for those cooler nights, or even use it as a cover up at the beach/pool.  If there is only one thing you take from this blog post its to GET ON THAT CHAMBRAY!


Hope you ladies get some of these essentials for a great summer look! I always stick to the neutrals and add my pops of color with accessories. Share some of your favorites with us, we love to hear from you!

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