Saved by the Party Kit!

Our homes are the go to for any party and you don’t have to twist our arm to volunteer to host! I’m not sure when or how it all started, but Mandy and I began to collect party supplies that we would found ourselves using often.

Party City is probably the place everyone goes to and spends too much money on things you may use once. Most of our supplies come from Target, Homegoods or Amazon and we have used repeatedly for so many different occasions.

The key to a good kit is to keep it to ONE large container. If the supplies outgrow that container you need to host a party and purge! Every event will require you to get some décor at the time of, but this is to help when you have those impromptu gatherings.

Party Kit

Here are some one our essentials:

COCKTAIL NAPKINS: We love finding these at Homegood or Target’s Dollar Spot. It’s quick decor and easy to place out to make your party little more festive. We like to always have some neutral colored options on hand, but the silly ones are too good not to buy.


BAR STRAWS: Usually the ladies love these… helps keep the lipstick on! They also add a color to the bar without having to do much. Our basic black stirrers in a high ball glass are a must for the guys… they even like them, they just won’t tell you!

fun straws

PAPER PRODUCTS: Plates, cups, plastic utensil…just because they are disposable doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. These gold utensils are from Target for $5 and worth every penny. No one loves dishes after a party, these are the way to go! We also get clear tumblers from Costco and these cute plastic cups from Publix. We keep the gold theme throughout most of our decor, it tends to work with most parties and way better then the plain white.

Paper Products

PARTY SIGNS/ DECOR FANS/ BANNERS:  These items have been reused over and over again!  We keep some white frames part of the kit, to use as a bar sign or a buffet menu sign. 8.5” X 11” frame keeps it easy to print off a cute sign to fit your theme. It’s a small detail that your guests will notice!

Party Decor

We have tons of banners that can work all around the house: entry way, bar, buffet, or just on a plain wall with some decorative fans. The fans look best when stacked at different heights or layering large and small on top of each other.

New Years Fans

They take about 30 seconds to assemble and hang and thats exactly what you need when hosting a party and limited on time. They also make a great backdrop for your guest to take pictures! Mandy made out “More Sundays” banner by hand (so talented right?!?!) You can get these everywhere now, but she used and exact-o knife and a pretty font stenciled on pretty paper….a.k.a call Mandy she’s a pro at these!

bridal fans

The fans come in a MILLION colors, we love using the brand Meri Meri. They have a unique selection of party supplies and are a great price. Homegoods and Target carry Meri Meri, so keep and eye out for their stuff.

BALLOONS: Ok, yes we may gave an obsession with them… but they make the party! The balloon banners do take some time, but become such a focal point to your decor. We buy the banner strips which are sold at party city or amazon. It’s a clear, flexible strip with holes that you can feed balloons in from each side.

The balloon selection on Amazon is amazing, we used these marble styled ones for New Year’s Eve. We used push pins and ribbon to hang at the perfect angle.


Bride Ballons

Another decor trend you see around are the over sized balloons. Just know, if you don’t have a large car to transport these, it can get a bit tricky.

SMALL DETAILS:  These tiny additions complete your party theme. Amazon sells hundreds of options and you can them from packs of 12 to 50. We have used them on desserts, one bites, even at the bar with the garnishes.

Food Picks

bye felicia

Every party great party requires some time and effort, but we hope these household keepers will save you some time and also money in the long run. Remember ladies, keep it to ONE box … no need to become a hoarder!

Happy Partying!



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