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Our most favorite thing to do, especially in the summer time, is host family and friends! There are two things you have to achieve when having company over: make them comfortable and feed them! We’ve rounded up some photos of our patios and examples of the way that we host even for a small group.

Focus on comfortable seating and plenty of it! I bought this patio seating set from World Market and absolutely love it! We’ve had it for about a year and a half – it’s held up so well and is so easy to clean.

Also, always have a spot for guests to put their drink down and if you have issues with bugs, always keep a pretty citronella candle on hand. We find our nice citronellas at Homegoods or Target!

PS: Don’t mind the Christmas lights that are still hanging. They’re only on the back of the house, I promise! LOL! My husband swears that it’s great ambient lighting for the evenings.😳

Be ready to serve some snacks as well! I bought this spread from Trader Joe’s! Just strolled through the produce department to find whatever looked the freshest and picked a small variety of cheeses and peppered salami…and voila! If you’re still looking for those perfect serving boards, again, the go-to place is Homegoods or Target!

We have been LOVING this Tajin seasoning on fresh fruit this summer!

Finally, setup a small drink display. You know what your friends like to drink so stock it with that and you’re all set!


Send us photos of your summer parties, or better yet, invite us over! ❤

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