Easy and Affordable Winter Tablescape

Calling all girls who are immediately inspired when they walk into the dollar spot at Target! Who’s with me?!

Last Sunday, I was perusing Target (because isn’t that the perfect idea of a Sunday afternoon?)  And naturally, I had to take a stroll through the dollar spot. Long story short, I found the perfect items to make a gorgeous and extremely affordable centerpiece for our dining table. It’s too good not to share!

Here’s how I did it. It literally took me 5 minutes and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it!

I found the two strands of garland separate (I think they were $3 each) and twisted them together and then laid it out across the table.

I found the white ceramic trees back in the Christmas section of Target where they have an alternate inexpensive decor section. It’s kind of like the dollar spot section but with little Christmas trinkets only. The small trees were $3 and the large were $5.

Same with the ceramic houses. Some of them were actually in the front dollar spot section but the others were in the back with the trees – the houses were also $3 and $5 depending on the size. I just arranged them kind of randomly.

Then I just added a strand of twinkle lights that I already had and…voila!

I’m all about simple and easy these days!

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